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u cant sit with us

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this is probably the ugliest style for drawing chibis ever. oh well

he’s supposed to be sitting on something btw i’m just too lazy

[I’m always up for rp :>]

omg poor Serg is so fucking sad though ;__;


it’s seriously dead around here lately. is there anyone alive out theere


aw yeah I just love seeing old abusers on my dash first thing in the morning.




((Like can you imagine this as a device the mercs had))

it had better come with free wi-fi.


It’s probably still a good thing that he left, but… he can’t help feeling homesick. Even if he’d only been stationed there for a few months. Moving around so much all the time takes its toll.





"Yeah well, it prob’ly should. People get pretty touchy about that kinda thing during ceasefire."

He ran his tongue over chapped lips, eyeing the BLU and his unidentifiable beverage in consideration. Hmm… Nah. He might be thirsty, but he’s not quite that thirsty.

"You call that juice? Shit looks like pond scum. Got any water on you?”

Maybe he wasn’t so bad. Watching the dehydrated scout ask for water and diss his juice made him roll his eyes a bit. 

"Just try it, more hydrating. Got cucmbers, wheat grass, kale, spinach, and ice"

Finn held the glass out for the Scout to take a sip. “My name’s Finn, your’s?”

He liked to think of himself as being a pretty open-minded guy when it came to trying new foods. He’d happily eat a plate of vegetables, so long as there was some turkey or chicken breast to go along with it. There weren’t many dishes he’d refuse.

But this… the pond scum description was incredibly apt.

"…Yeah, no thanks. I’m brave, but I ain’t that brave.

It’s Joey. Good to learn it now, ‘cuz you’re gonna be beggin’ me for mercy later.”

Ooh, nice. He’d have to write that one down.


workin on some replies (including anichka’s) u 3u it’s just slow going