Joey. Not Joseph, Joey.

RP blog for a RED Scout.

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gingerkidneythief asked: Hello teammate, the medic is just going to loop a freshly knitted scarf around your head and face. Enjoy.

The Scout lets out an indignant squawk at the abrupt violation of his personal space, and struggles to disentangle himself.

"Don’tcha think it’s a little warm out for this?! Whoever the fuck you are."



*sees a cat*

me: holy shit

jashatheushankaheavy asked: His cheeks flushed at being noticed and he thought about what he should do. He didn't really understand most of that. Maybe if he asked nicely, he could get him to talk a bit slower. He did understand the 'do I know you' part. He wasn't sure how to go about that either. "Ah, sorry. Am I bother?" He stood, tucking the book under his arm. He was in one of the large heavy tees he'd found in his room, and it was a little loose on him. He looked away from the other man, fiddling with the hem.

"Oh Jesus, do you not speak English?"

The thick accent and butchered syntax were hard to ignore; it was starting to like the new kid here was fresh off the boat. That’d be just his luck, too. You’d think they’d at least teach the newbies English before they shipped them halfway across the world.

"Ugh okay, uhh… You got a name? A class? A favourite colour? Jus’ gimme somethin’ to work with, here."



Today I helped at Uni with some preparations for our Show Time of all the games that were made this semester. So I took the liberty to make some buttons for myself while I was making buttons for the Show Time.


spycrabbypatty asked: There was a crab sitting on a note in Joey's line of sight. The note said, "You did marvelously on the field today. Very agile. That double jump with the head-shot of the Soldier was a nice touch."

Oh. Well that is quite frankly… the most bizarre thing he’s ever seen. And that’s saying something, considering his line of work.

"I— Um," he glances around. "Is this some kinda really obscure prank? ‘Cuz I don’t… get it."


hello!! I’m home now, no more shitty computers u wu workin’ on replies


…the RED ocs really DO seem more dickish than the BLUs, huh?? I never thought of that before.


on my grandma’s terrible computer haaahahaa… my net was out this morning though so I didn’t save any of my current wip replies to drafts b/c I’m dumb. 8\



MOD: From my previous accounts, I have a total of 1103 hours of experience in TF2 and counting….

HA, casual. I’ve got over 1600 hours on my only steam name >:v